Wheel Refurbishment

Standard Painted Refurbishment

Our standard paint refurbishment involves using the latest in wet spray and powder coating equipment. We are able to colour code and match your existing wheels or provide you with a new colour if you are looking for something different.

Diamond Cut Refurbishment

Diamond cut wheels are becoming increasingly popular with all car models. The procedure requires the whole wheel to be painted in colour first. A small layer of the face of the alloy is then completely cut off with the latest CNC lathe cutting machinery. This leaves a two colour effect, with the spokes of the wheel in your desired colour and the face in a shiny bare metal effect.

Wheel Repair Services

Alloy Wheel Straightening

With London roads being full of potholes, your alloy wheels might sustain buckles and dents with the passage of time. Specialised machinery is used by skilled workers to straighten the buckled wheels.

Alloy Wheel Split/Crack Repair

We are able to assess and repair cracks, fractures, damage or any other defects.

Alloy Wheel Welding

We can repair scuffs, chips and chunks in alloys all suffered from kerb damage. Please ask for an inspection of your wheel and we can advise if the repair work can be done. We are usually able to repair and weld alloys customers think are too heavily damaged. The process is not only safe but will usually outweigh the cost of buying a new wheel!

Tyre & TPMS Sensor Services


We can complete your wheel refurbishment process with brand new tyres to add to your car's new look!

We offer competitive pricing on a huge range of tyre manufacturers.

Sensor Valves

TPMS sensor valves are very popular in most car models. We are able to quote competitively for the replacement of these valves.

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